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It has been about 1 year since I last wrote a blog post. It was not because I had writers block or a lack of inspiration, I actually have pages of ideas to write about, and I have constantly been thinking of new ideas and topics to write about ever since my last post. I think I have just been nervous about sharing my thoughts, ideas, and life experiences with people, especially people I know, but I have missed writing and it is something that I am ready to start doing again. I have GOT to get some of these ideas out of my brain and on paper. I mean computer. Over the past few months my boyfriend and I have been told countless times by multiple friends and family members that we should start a blog together because they think that we would truly be an inspiration and maybe some form of entertainment to people. All 7 of my current followers. They said that we would easily connect and inspire people that are looking for an adventurous and more minimalist lifestyle. Little did our family members know that I have had a blog page set up and ready to go for over a year now. I did not tell them because I want to remain anonymous until the right time comes along or maybe never. I am not looking to brag myself or the life I am living and our family members know that about me and my boyfriend. I would consider us very humble and down to earth people. These people in our lives are just noticing that we are not living a “traditional” lifestyle, and they are seriously enjoying hearing about our lives, from weekend adventures to how we make our money. We both have a serious passion for the great outdoors and leaving little to NO footprint behind on our beautiful planet Earth. We can already see the impacts we are making on people’s lives just by hanging around with us. These people are getting excited about experiences, adventures, and nature more than material things. They can see that we do not need the newest car or the biggest house to enjoy life and everything Earth has to offer. These reactions have helped push me to continue what I started one year ago because if I have made this small of an impact already then maybe that could grow? OR everyone could think I am seriously nuts which is also fine. At the end of the day it is important to lead a lifestyle that makes YOU happy. We plan on sharing our stories, opinions, adventures, and photographs with anyone that is willing to listen with the hopes that we can impact more lives by sharing our own. This is the goal anyways. I mean, a large majority of humans in the Unites States would probably think that our life is nothing to brag about or even worth sharing and that is okay because we know it is different. We get crazy looks from people when we roll up in a homemade camper and we are going to be living in a tiny house soon. How many of you tiny house livers have heard, oh my gosh I could never do that?!? Probably a couple hundred times because we have! We decided to give up our full time jobs, with full benefits, and a decent salary to work part time, pinch pennies, and spend ample amounts of time together. We don’t have a huge loan on a huge house to take care of or a fancy job title to tell everyone about, but we do have time for camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing, and the list goes on and on. We have amazing memories and stories together that I am forever grateful for, but most of all we have time to take care our mind and bodies. We make time for healthy exercise that is fun and very rewarding. There is something about starting at the very bottom of a mountain and making it all the way to the top with someone you love. These little moments make everything crazy that is going on in this world just disappear for awhile. It is healthy for our mind, bodies, and souls. Life should be all about self-fulfillment and less about financial-fulfillment. I am so grateful to have found this lifestyle with my love a few years ago and we are eager to continue learning, growing, and improving it. I too was once part of the rat race our society forces us into. It is exhausting, unfulfilling, and so vein. I truly do not want any part of it and if you agree then you have found the blog for you my friend. If this sounds at all interesting to you then keep reading and join our minimalist community because we were not born to work we were born to live.

I hope you find joy in my expression of words.