Advice From A Rose

I told the rose what had happened and she looked at me and asked, “Are you okay”.

I told her, “I will be, but I have never been laid off before and it just doesn’t feel good.”

The rose replied, “Well, I have been laid off many many times and this probably won’t be your last time. It usually happens for a reason and if money is your biggest concern then don’t worry because you will always find money. This is your opportunity to do something bigger because I always thought you were underemployed. I want you to know that we love you and will miss having you around, but this isn’t where you were supposed to be. I wish I could have been strong those times I was laid off, but sometimes I couldn’t be so I would lay around and sulk, but you don’t have to do that. (My boyfriend and I had just purchased a tiny house :D) Your house will be delivered next week and you get the whole week off to get all moved in. I don’t know how much more perfect that gets. The universe is working with you here even though it may not feel like it. Enjoy your paid week off, go on a trip, move into your house, and don’t worry about money because it will find you and you will have to be working every day soon enough. I always try to take jobs that just make me happy and make me feel fulfilled and I don’t think you were getting that here, so it is time to move on to something new”

I started a new job back in April working for a small business. There were a total of 5 employees including myself and it lasted a total of 6 months. I was laid off at the end of September because the owner felt that she could not afford a fifth employee after all. You are probably wondering “What will this girl do without a job?” or others may be thinking “Laid off? That is horrible. I have never been laid off!” Well those same thoughts ran through my head at first because my mind instantly began to panic. I was worried about what my friends and family would think of me without a job. God for bid. A life without work? This is unheard of.

Okay. Enough sarcasm. Here is the back story because I was thinking of quitting too.

I found this position on the wonderful Craigslist. A platform filled with opportunity and endless possibilities. Okay, I am feeling very sarcastic today. This may not end so bear with me. The job posting stated Executive Assistant/ Production Assistant for a holistic minded, outdoor enthusiast skin care company. They were looking for someone to work in the studio that was organized, detail oriented, mathematically inclined, had holistic views, cared about the environment and recycling, and knew about tinctures and essences. Well that pretty much sums me up to a T, plus many other strengths, so I wrote the best cover letter I think I ever have before and landed a job interview. The studio was at the owners home in her upstairs which I thought was a very relaxed work environment. There were plants and crystals everywhere just like at my house. In the interview we discussed why I wanted to work there, my previous work experience in accounting and production coordinating, my math and analytic skills, my productivity and communication skills, and she was very impressed with my business degree. She wanted me to help with unit costs, production, and wholesale accounts. It sounded like the perfect job right?! I get to use my business degree for a business that sells all organic skin care products and essences. Then my job started…

Somehow I ended up driving her kids to school and picking them up? She shopped online a lot and rarely kept anything so I was returning things constantly. I helped in production by filling tea and labeling products which was somehow always incorrect or could be done faster. It was the least chill environment I have ever worked in and not like anything I mentioned above right? Then I ended up being the gardener somehow which was fine, but I have my own garden at home that I enjoy doing for fun not work. I enjoyed harvesting the calendula for the face mask, chamomile for the tea, and cornflowers for the face steam, but not taking care of her hundreds of personal plants too that had nothing to do with the business. I mean that isn’t why I spent $60,000 on college. I wanted to work for this small business to help them improve and grow like I did at my last job. That is what we talked about in the interview… I thought? I started looking for new work a few weeks before she laid me off because she had a huge landscaping project that she wanted me to do for her because she didn’t want to pay the landscaper rates. Not to mention the 5 different landscape companies I scheduled to come out to her home and provide quotes. I flat out told her NO, that the landscapers are paid a high wage because it is back breaking work and they are compensated for it in return.

So anyways she ended up laying me off and it felt absolutely horrible for the first hour and then I felt excited because now I could fully look for a new job in a company that will get to use me for the skills I possess and in return I will get to grow my skills. I am also hoping the job I end up in is the same as the interview, but who knows these days. She laid me off over email on a Sunday afternoon and never spoke to me about it in person again. I worked the full week after and told my coworkers what happened in privacy as it was a big awkward secret that was never openly talked about. I am going to miss them though. They were a few years older than me and always had the greatest advice with very positive attitudes. I think that many of us were trained to always do what we are told just because someone is the “boss” or “in charge”, but from my experience you can be seriously taken advantage of for being a kind person. Rose gave me the courage to tell the owner no about the landscaping work because she was taking advantage of me knowing that I probably would not tell her no and she would save a few dollars. I am sure that is the true reason I was laid off, but I felt so great that day and even better things are happening now. That is my Expression from a Minimalist today. You always have the option to say no. You are in charge of your journey through work, relationships, and life. You know what happens when you decided to not just take what you get anymore or just do what other people say all the time? You get much more and you feel incontrol of what is happening in your life. That is a huge part of minimalism right? Having control of every detail in your life with less stress. I love it. If this sounds at all interesting to you then keep reading and join our minimalist community because we were not born to work we were born to live.

I hope you find joy in my expression of words.