To New Beginnings

It turns out the rose was more than correct, since then I have found a new job with less hours, better pay, kinder coworkers, and incredible benefits. This new career is going to help my family in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It feels like I have finally caught a break. I can’t express it enough when I say that when things go ori or out of plan, to not worry! There is a greater plan for us all and it will always work out. It usually works out better than you could have even planned for. This is something I was never taught growing up. I was basically trained to worry when something slipped off schedule and I have had to pay for this mentally over the years. Taking a step back and realizing that it is okay for things to not work out, has been a life saver. I now have the opportunity to continue my education, all expenses paid, and with that will come pay increases, but most importantly the more time I have to be at home with my family has doubled, and that is absolutely priceless. Being with our loved ones and being there for each other, to help take care of each other, will never amount to what money can buy for us. I want to be clear when I say “YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY WHEN THINGS DO NOT GO AS PLANNED.” From the deepest part of my soul to yours, it is all apart of the plan. As long as you keep working hard, being kind, and following your passions it will always be okay. Although, this new job is great for where I am at right now in my life, I am also prepared for the time when maybe it isn’t working out for me, you just never know, and rather than thinking of it as scary. I am thinking of it as exciting and just taking each day as it comes.

Many things have happened since the great firing incident of September 2019, the first being that we have officially moved into our tiny home after months and months of hard, but gratifying labor. It has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life and it suits me and my fiancĂ© extremely well. That’s right. The second being that we got engaged in January. Our family has really become solidified between our new home and the planning of a wedding and we couldn’t feel more grateful. Our dog has adapted well to the tiny house lifestyle and is thrilled to see his parents getting married. I need to write more about our dog, his personality is unlike any dogs I have ever met. I think all dog moms say that though…. I need to write more in general and I do realize that I keep saying this, but do know that I have not given up entirely. It is always on my mind, but between taking care of my home, work, spending time with friends, family, and the endless amount of hobbies I have accumulated it is hard to squeeze everything in.

If anyone has tips on when or where they write that could help me set more time aside for it then please share. For now, I write when I have time for myself and reflection. My fiancé started a job last year working up at a ski resort during the winters, and I have found that when he is away and working in the evenings I have more time for writing, painting, cooking, etc. As much as I miss him when he is not here, it has been nice to have our tiny home to myself for a few hours a week. I plan on using more of this time for writing and planning my garden in the spring.

I didn’t want to write about any specific topics today. I just really wanted to write and to express myself. I am still trying to figure out where I am going with this blog exactly, but have recently come to terms with the fact that my family and my friends are what truly inspires me and gets my creative wheels turning. I have surrounded myself with talented, smart, independent people that just make me want to create and express myself through that light. I have seriously been thinking about turning this blog into a YouTube channel because I feel that it would add a whole new layer of creativity for me, but we will see. I am an Aquarius and tend to just go with the flow. I have been enjoying that way of life lately because it wasn’t always like that. My life was extremely scheduled for so long, that now having time to think about what I would like to do with my day based on how I am feeling has been so refreshing. I guess this does tie back into my minimalist theme that the blog was founded on because my significant other and I have cleared out every single thing in our lives that are unnecessary. By doing this we saved ourselves time. Sweet precious time. We downsized our home and in turn downsized our chores, we eliminated holidays, and have just narrowed it down to what we truly want out of life.

It really comes down to two things. Number one is having more time for our hobbies. We love being outdoors and try to spend most of our free time camping, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, reading, gardening, forgaing, and paddle boarding. Number two is having time to enjoy these hobbies with our loved ones. As you can see, we have SO many hobbies, and those are just the ones we do outdoors. We crave experiences together. I know so many people that have lost this desire throughout there lives because of the hussle and bussel. I treasure these qualities shown throughout our generation. The world is finally waking up. I feel more awake and aware than ever before. I am excited and it just makes me want to write and get to know more people who are thinking this way. My dream is to build a tiny house community out here on our land someday where we would live as a community and share chores and free up even more of our time for art and music and just plain old fun.

Gosh I am a dreamer. I am the dreamer that the realists hate and compare themselves too. I have so many ideas and dreams that sometimes I feel like I will explode if I do not express them to someone soon. The tiny house community will happen someday. This I know. We will be building a wrap around deck for our home this spring and then I am planning on sharing pictures of our home and maybe creating a video. If this sounds at all interesting to you then keep reading and join our minimalist community because we were not born to work we were born to live.

I hope you find joy in my expression of words. Any thoughts, comments, ideas, or even collaborations are greatly appreciated!