What is expression from a minimalist?

If you have suddenly stumbled across this blog searching for more information and ideas about how to minimize your life then look no further. This blog is about expression and even more than that, freedom of expression. I will be sharing some of my own point of views that desire your comments and even arguments. We should not all agree because everyone has different values and these values help us shape our own opinions. I am eager to hear what you think and I am hoping to learn from you too. This subject deserves to be discussed from all different points of views because there is no exact way to be a “minimalist”. Discussing will also lead to sharing and the more this concept is shared then I truly believe that a difference can be made in our world. Living in a world where we are driven by compassion for our neighbors, our community, the animals, nature, and even strangers. Compassion is a dying value because we easily get caught up in working 40 plus hours a week to buy a bigger house and a better car. In the moment I think it can make us feel really good about ourselves because now we are more impressive than our neighbors and coworkers, but in the meantime we have no time for our passions, we eat fast food to get through our busy schedules, we don’t have time for family or friends because we get caught up in this horrible, never ending cycle. A cycle driven by advertisements and the media as the “normal”. However, there is no such thing as normal because your normal is different than my normal. This is why I love that there is now a term for living a simple life which is in fact minimalism and I believe that this is a very important topic since it has truly changed my life. Not just because I have saved a tremendous amount of money by minimizing my life, but also because I have been able to discover true passions for myself by taking away certain aspects of my life that were stopping me from doing this. Passions are what keep us feeling alive. We must follow these dreams and continue challenging ourselves so that we can live our own meaningful life. This is different for every single individual which is why I encourage you to lead your own dream rather than following in someone else’s dream just so you can purchase a few more things. Minimalism deserves to be talked about and shared because it could in fact change your life too. This blog will be filled with stories and memories of my own, but also with recent trends and articles from the minimalist community. That’s right there are tons of people choosing to give up the “American Dream” to create their own dreams and their owns paths of life. If this sounds at all interesting to you then keep reading and join our minimalist community because we were not born to work we were born to live.

I hope you find joy in my expression of words.


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